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Not many people understand the importance of summer school. It not only benefits a child’s learning process, but it also offers a plethora of other benefits. Moreover, as the pandemic has created learning gaps, a summer school is even more important for your child. Summer classes help your child spend much-needed extra time learning and mastering the skills they fell behind on. Additionally, it also contributes to better mental health as they learn, interact, and study in a non-stressful environment. The fun and games help your child develop a better social-emotional temperament as well. A summer school ultimately helps children retain the skills and knowledge learned during the school year.

How Important Are Summer Classes and Grades?

Summer classes help your child focus on the basics and work their way up. While doing so, it is more likely that they will gain confidence and feel better about themselves. The summer classes are usually smaller. Plus, we typically conduct them in a relaxed manner with plenty of activities such as games, puzzles, and more. Here, they also get the opportunity to be taught by a different teacher, which may have a unique skill that suits your child.

Also, in summer school, students can focus on the subjects and skills they want to master. They can overlook the subjects they are already good at and put all their efforts into mastering the skills they are struggling with. Summer schools are short and quick. That way, you don’t have to worry about exhausting and stressful schedules.

Another sideline benefit is summer schools are great places where your child could meet new people and make new friends from different backgrounds. This helps them develop social skills and gain a broader understanding of the world. Summer school offers a great chance for your child to raise their GPA. The grades earned in a summer school can replace the failing grade they earned. This could go a long way in your child’s further education.

Lafayette Academy Can Help Your Child with Summer School

If you want your child to retain what they learned during the school year, contact us at Lafayette Academy to know more about summer classes. We also help your child work on the skills and subjects they struggle with. Our summer programs include many extracurricular activities, too, to make the whole experience exciting and fun.