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When was the last time you were nervous about a test? Do you remember? If you don’t, think about the last time you went into an interview for that job you really wanted. Take all of those nerves and place them in a teenage body in high school. The peer pressure, the social judgement, the expectation that high school is the most important thing in the world—it’s a lot. What can anyone do about anxiety? Especially when that anxiety is all-encompassing?

Honestly, the only thing anyone can do is prepare. Tutoring is one of the most successful ways that students have found to overcome anxiety, specifically when it comes to test-taking. Most of the fear that surfaces during tests come from a worry that the student is unprepared for the material on the test. The best way to combat that worry is to ensure they know the material. Sounds easy right? Well, now it can be. Or at least, it can be easier than any time before now.

Tutoring Help for K-12 at Lafayette Academy

No matter what their grade is, and no matter what the subject is, there is help for them at Lafayette Academy. Anxiety is not a factor when our students go in to take tests. That is because we make sure they know the material.

One of the biggest fear-inducing subjects in high school is math. This is due to a variety of reasons:

  • Lack of knowledge from prior classes
  • A lack of practice involving the actual methods
  • Lack of success on prior tests or in earlier math classes

Lafayette Academy prefers to take this problem on directly. We created a proprietary tutoring curriculum designed to help ease math-related anxiety while ensuring that the students know and learn the material to make them successful. Lafayette Academy’s Algebra 2 tutoring curriculum is one of the best in the country. It gives students (of any ability level or learning style) the chance to succeed and push the boundaries of their current knowledge.

Let Our Tutors Help You Master All Subjects You Need Help With

We don’t just offer help with math. We also offer help in a variety of subjects. All of our classes are taught by experienced teachers and experts in their fields. Call us today at Lafayette Academy to find out more about what we can do for your child as schools return to normal.