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Our tutors have been helping Lafayette students since 1991. Many of the most successful people in the world had tutors from an early age.  Alexander the Great was 13 when he was assigned the greatest mind of that time, Aristotle. By the time Alexander was 32, he ruled an entire empire. Our tutoring may not help your children become Kings or Queens, but it will help them ace tests and earn higher grades! Tutoring takes time, patience, and a dedicated team.

Our tutors know the Acalanes and Stanley curriculum and how it’s tested. We also utilize a variety of resources including curriculum worksheets and videos that our tutors have compiled based on their extensive experiences with local students.  We know the problems that students typically encounter in most classes, and we’re ready for them!

Our Lafayette tutors have collectively helped thousands of students at Acalanes, Stanley, OIS, JM, and many of the Lafayette elementary schools.  Our Lamorinda tutors have also helped thousands of students at Campo and Miramonte. Most of our tutors are intimately familiar with the nuances of many teachers. It’s Lafayette tutoring at its finest!

We make learning engaging, relevant, and fun.  Our tutors use flexible approaches based on each child’s learning to ensure a more custom and effective learning experience. We also give you the flexibility to choose a schedule that works best for you and your child, in one of our learning centers or online.  There are many tutors to choose from, which means there will (almost) always be someone available to help your child. Finally, we are proud of our years-long support of the entire Lamorinda community, including many schools, LPIE, and the Chamber of Commerce (even though networking isn’t our forte).

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Shadow Classes


Shadow Classes® are weekly, small-group tutoring sessions that shadow various subjects. Subject-specific classes  meet online and are led by one of our expert tutors, most of whom are intimately familiar with each school’s curriculum.  Here are some of the features that make our Shadow Classes special:

Our instructors collaborate with each other to ensure that we’re teaching “best of breed” strategies in each class.


We sometimes add FREE Shadow Classes if there’s an upcoming test that doesn’t coincide with one of our existing class times.


Our instructors explain the difficult concepts that the Shadow Class students need help with.


We preview upcoming material when our instructors realize that students may need a head start.


Lafayette Academy always personalizes instruction.

Shadow ClassesTM are online, and in our Lafayette and Moraga locations.

  • $196/month ($49/week per class).
  • Only $40/week if you pre-pay for the semester.
  • You can drop at any time and get a pro-rated refund based on the regular class fee.
  • The last time we surveyed our Shadow Class students, 91% said that their grades were one or two letters higher thanks to our classes!

A Few Tutors

These are just a few of our amazing Lafayette tutors. We are very particular about who we hire and everyone has to ace a rigorous placement test before he or she can become one of our Lafayette tutors.