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Summer is probably when a lot of students try to relax after a hectic schooling year. However, some students also use this break to prepare for college entrance such as taking the SAT or ACT. Summer test prep is a great way to increase the chances of getting admission into better colleges by a considerable margin. It also helps students retain whatever they have learned so far during their schooling year. Furthermore, if a student struggles with a particular subject, like Math, they can use this time to put in some extra effort and improve their skills.

Why Summer Test Prep is the Way to Go

Students have a lot of free time during summers. Their schedule is lighter and they usually have little to no responsibilities during this period. Since they won’t be any school-year workload, it becomes much easier for your child to concentrate on test preparation. This helps them study and prepare without any stress and distractions. Usually, many students lose academic skills during their summer break which is known as the summer slide. A summer test prep helps your child stay sharp and maintain subject knowledge without having to deal with summer slides.

Since your child studies and prepares over a significant period of time during the summer, they don’t have to worry about having to deal with exam crams. Also, the process of planning and structuring a summer test prep helps your child be ready for the upcoming challenges when they go to college. This whole process also helps your child develop self-reliance.

For the best results, you should consider getting experts’ help, like here at Lafayette Academy. We specialize in strategizing and tutoring students all year round, but especially during the summer. Our test prep programs help students get the best out of their summertime and make them ready for the entrance exams.

Summer Test Prep Classes Are Unique and Innovative

At Lafayette Academy, summer test prep classes are small. We group our students depending on their ability level, topic, and learning style. For advanced students, we offer accelerated instruction. On the other hand, we focus on appropriate instruction methods for other groups. We conduct practice tests and analyze the results carefully. This allows us to provide custom-tailored instruction depending on their ability and skill levels. Reach out to us at Lafayette Academy to know more about our summer test prep classes.