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Summer test prep at Lafayette Academy will not ruin anyone’s summer!  We only teach a portion of our test prep programs during the summer: only twice a week for three weeks, in June, July, or July/August. Our students learn the key SAT strategies without having the pressures of high school hanging over them and without ruining their summer. “Summer” students return to Lafayette Academy’s ACT or SAT Prep program approximately 5-6 weeks before their actual test date.  Then, they have 5 more classes, 3 hours of private tutoring, and 2 more practice tests that lead them up to their actual test date.

Why Summer Test Prep is the Way to Go

We pioneered the hybrid summer program in the summer of 2008 when my youngest daughters were heading into their junior years at Campo. I wanted to reduce the burden of test prep that most juniors experience, and both of my daughters ended up doing well on their standardized tests.

It is easier for students to concentrate on summer test prep when they don’t have so many other activities or issues hanging over them. Our summer students tend to grasp concepts more quickly and they consistently do all of their ACT or SAT homework. Yes, they really do!  As you probably know, many students experience the “summer slide,” when they lose academic skills while playing, swimming, and/or traveling throughout the summer. Summer test prep helps teens stay sharp.

For the best results, you should consider getting experts’ help, like here at Lafayette Academy. We specialize in strategizing and tutoring students all year round Our test prep programs help students get the most out of their summer and give them a head start on ACT or SAT Prep.

Summer Test Prep Classes Are Unique and Innovative

At Lafayette Academy, our summer test prep classes are small. We group our students depending on their ability level and the topic. For advanced students, we offer accelerated instruction, focusing on the specific strategies and topics that they need to score high on one of the tests. We don’t waste time on the topics they can ace in their sleep.  For other groups, we focus on the strategies that will help them achieve the highest score increases.  It is not uncommon for a summer student to end up in one of the top groups when they return to our program during the school year.

We conduct practice tests, analyze the results carefully, and respond to our analysis. This allows us to provide custom-tailored instruction depending on the students’ ability and skill levels. Check out our summer schedules and feel free to call or email us with any questions.