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Whether you meet with a tutor once a week or several times a week, it’s essential that you make the most of every moment spent with your tutor. Tutors help you learn new or challenging content by providing encouragement, motivation, and clarity, all of which are especially useful now during the post-pandemic period, when readjusting to traditional classroom instruction can seem daunting. For tutoring sessions to be effective, however, it’s important that both tutor and student are sufficiently prepared.

Steps to a Successful Tutoring Experience

To best make up for the learning time lost during the pandemic lockdown, below are some useful tips on preparing for your tutoring sessions.

  1. Go over your notes before each session, and list all the material you’re struggling with so that your tutor can focus on the key content.
  2. Make sure to attend sessions regularly. Since your tutor won’t be able to duplicate all that your teacher went over in class, your task is to inform your tutor about the material to cover so that the most important concepts and facts are clarified.
  3. Take careful notes during every tutoring session, preferably in one notebook used only for tutoring sessions so that the notes are all in the same place.  The notes taken during your sessions can be read later for hard-to-understand concepts and exam prep.
  4. Make sure to purposefully schedule your tutoring sessions. The times that you arrange are critical. Avoid scheduling right after a day of classes or during mealtimes. Instead, allow yourself time to wind down before having a session to help in remaining alert and focused.
  5. Tell your tutors about any material that you don’t understand, and give feedback on which teaching methods work best and which are not as effective. This will help you more easily grasp concepts and facts.
  6. Review your notes often. It’s essential to constantly review notes from class and from your tutoring sessions to keep the knowledge in the front of your mind. Before each tutoring session, briefly review the notes from your last session to refresh your memory.
  7. Maintain a positive outlook. Your attitude about your tutoring experience affects how the sessions go. If you keep a “can-learn” mind-set, stumbling blocks will be easier to overcome. Remaining positive is key to raising your confidence level, which in turn impacts your ability to learn and succeed academically.

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