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Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world’s primary and secondary education systems have faced unique challenges in terms of meeting students’ academic needs. Economic stressors and emotional insecurity brought on by the pandemic, combined with social distancing requirements, have undermined the role of conventional classrooms in student learning and have raised the burden of parents and caregivers, many of whom now have to conduct classes at home and feel ill-equipped to do so.

Students Need Ways to Feel Prepared for a Return to Normal School Life

Today’s environment, where remote education is now commonly practiced by untrained parents and caregivers, has caused many students to fall behind in their studies and adults to feel overwhelmed. The magnitude of these issues highlights the need to identify and create cost-effective solutions to ensure that students do not suffer long-term earning losses that could last a lifetime.  As the world works to transition out of the unprecedented scenario created by the pandemic, it is important to consider ways to help students prepare for an eventual full-time return to the classroom without being too far behind in their studies. In this way, they can avoid feeling unprepared and insecure in the context of their usual school environment.

Lafayette Academy is Here to Assist Your Child in this Time of Transition

When it comes to interventions that can help students get back on track after COVID-19, tutoring, either in a one-on-one or small-group instructional setting, provides the ideal solution. As educators will confirm, tutoring is one of the most prevalent, versatile, and potentially transformative devices in today’s educational tool bag. Long before the birth of the modern education system, scholars taught students in person or in small groups, with more formal tutoring approaches undergoing a renaissance in the 1980s. And today’s challenging environment is one in which tutoring holds great promise in addressing the learning crisis brought on by COVID-19.

To help your child gain the knowledge he or she needs to feel self-assured and ready to return to full-time school, contact us today at Lafayette Academy. We look forward to helping you and your child readjust to normal school life.