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Summer is normally not a time when high school students like to study, and most prefer to take it easy by enjoying recreational activities such as playing escape room games or hanging out with friends. However, making use of the summer months to hone your SAT or ACT test-taking skills can reap great rewards for your future academic career.  Studies show that even a small amount of high-quality prep can improve scores on standardized tests like the SAT and ACT. Notably, summer test prep does NOT ruin your summer! It’s only twice a week for three weeks!

Even Minor Increases in Test Scores Can Make a Difference

How significant are improved scores to a student’s likelihood of college or university admission? Even the slightest of increases can have an impact. According to a recent study, approximately one-third of selective colleges say that just a small rise in standardized test scores can make a difference in an admissions decision. An improvement of just 10-20 points on the SAT could land an application in the “maybe” pile, rather than the “no” pile, in spite of how high or low a student is scoring.

Highly Unique Program Design and Teaching Strategies

At Lafayette Academy, years of intensive research in SAT and ACT prep materials and the development of one-of-a-kind teaching methods have led to unique test prep concepts and a superior instructional system. In addition, our diverse program component options, such as distinctively designed summer-to-fall and summer-to-spring programs, are based entirely on what is best for our students’ academic growth and chances of admission to a first-rate school.

We Offer Assessment, Analysis and Supplemental Workshops/Sessions

All SAT and ACT prep students complete three practice tests, and we carefully analyze the results and then respond to the analyses with creative teaching strategies. At Lafayette Academy, we also frequently supplement our test prep programs with free workshops and tutoring sessions.

To receive state-of-the-art SAT and ACT test prep instruction online and in our centers (once they can be opened), connect with us today at Lafayette Academy.