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Shadow Classes can be more beneficial for students than one-on-one sessions. Students who work alone are more comfortable providing answers than those who work with others. However, when it comes to multiple questions during the same lesson, group members performed better than those providing answers individually. This suggests that group work encourages students to learn from each other and helps them understand educational material more clearly.  It also may reduce the pressure on a student when he or she isn’t the only one answering the instructor’s questions. Moreover, students can check each other’s answers, broaden their points of view during group work, and sometimes teach each other (one of the most underrated ways to improve your own subject knowledge).

Shadow ClassesTM Provide an Ideal Environment for Group Learning

Students who have been placed in groups have developed a more positive opinion of their classmates, believing that everyone is hardworking and someone they can rely on for support during a difficult assignment. This helps with collaboration now, and on projects in the future as well.

Plus, students who have worked in groups also demonstrate positive attitudes towards tutoring. They believe that tutorials should be interactive and engaging, due to the number of help classmates provide each other throughout the tutorial period. When children work together to learn, they all seem to take a bit more information away from the course than when they studied alone. Plus, let’s not kid ourselves, many Shadow Classes are also fun! One of our philosophies at Lafayette Academy is to be effective first, fun second.

Shadow classes offer a unique way of helping kids learn together. It allows children to shadow other students and other classes to help give them a deeper understanding of a subject. Then, they get to talk with peers and learn from different perspectives and voices on each topic. This can help further each student’s understanding of a topic and also provide unique perspectives that can initiate a new love of learning on a topic that used to give that child pause.

Lafayette Academy Offers Shadow Classes for All Types of Students

If you want to see what benefits your child may get from shadow classes, then call us here at Lafayette Academy. We can help give your child a deeper love for learning all while they get a better understanding of specific topics that used to be difficult for your child to grasp.  We have Shadow Classes for Acalanes, Stanley, Campo, Miramonte, OIS, and San Ramon Valley