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Summer Programs Online

 Our Summer Programs are Fun & Effective

Summer 2022

Summer Programs for Elementary & Middle School Students

Lafayette Academy summer programs are a great way for students to avoid summer learning loss or catch up on what they missed during COVID. Our K-8 programs help students strengthen their foundational skills, with long-term academic benefits for students who continue next fall.  As few as 13 total hours will make a difference for students who are on grade level; students below grade level will see a marked improvement after 26 hours in one of our programs. Our elementary and middle school programs are led by teachers, in centers, and online.

  • Weekly summer programs and tutoring for grades K-8. 
  • Classes start the week of June 13 and continue each week until July 29.
  • Sign your students up for as many weeks as possible to get the best results. Our programs work because they combine great teaching & technology.
  • Our summer programs are flexible; we happily add classes for small groups (swim team friends, siblings, etc.).
  • Our schedules are synced to accommodate groups spanning 3 grades and blocks of 2 hours/student,
  • Our summer programs will NOT spoil your summer or your children’s!

(click for high school “Get Ready” programs)


Weekly K-8 Programs Schedules

Weeks begin June 13 and continue through July 29 (except for July 4 – 8). Each class is one hour per day Mon-Friday, with curriculum that progresses along with the students.

Strategic Reading
Fall Grade Start Time Location(s)
3 10 or 1 Lafayette
4 11 or 2. Lafayette
5 12 or 3 Lafayette
6 1 or 3 Lafayette
7 2 or 4 Lafayette
8 3 or 4 Lafayette


Master Math
Grade Start Time Location(s)             
3 11 or 12 Lafayette
4 12 or 1 Lafayette
5 11 or 2 Lafayette or Online
6 12 or 2 Lafayette or Online
7 1 or 3 Lafayette or Online
8 2 or 3 Lafayette or Online


Intentional Writing
Grade Start Time Location(s)             
3 10 Lafayette
4 10 Lafayette
5 1 Lafayette
6 11 or 4 Lafayette
7 12 or 4 Lafayette
8 12 or 1 Lafayette


Our mathreading, and writing programs are effective & fun.  We use creative ways to introduce concepts and deepen students’ understanding of course material.

  1. The curriculum is driven by common core, state standards, and ongoing assessment, with weekly progress reports.
  2. We offer small group and one-on-one instruction.
  3. Our weekly programs include up to 5 hours of group or one-on-one instruction (per subject per week).
  4. Sessions are interactive with built-in activities and popcorn breaks to ensure students do not get bored, lose interest, or spend time just blankly staring at a screen.

 K-8 Questions? Please contact our Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Kimberly Coniglio, to discuss the best program fit for your children or email us at info@lafayetteacademy.com.


Summer High School Classes – The “Get Ready” Program

We offer a variety of summer classes and tutoring options to help students “get ready” for Fall courses. Our instructors have been tutoring local students for many years; they know the challenges students will face next fall, including those that have been created by the loss of learning during the pandemic. We offer weekly “get ready” classes during the last few weeks of July and the first week of August. We will also offer classes for study skills and writing. As always, Lafayette Academy’s summer will include a robust test prep program for the ACT and SAT

.Click here for our summer schedules. We will also add classes based on your requests. Email us if you are looking for specific classes.


Summer Programs


6 students max per class

5 sessions (1 subject)
5 hours of instruction
Pre and/or post-assessments

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One-on-One Programs


5 sessions (1 subject)
5 hours of one-on-one tutoring
3-5 skill assessments

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Academic Tutoring

$59 – $69/hour

$69/hour to “pay as you go”
$59/hour if you prepay for 10 summer hours
Tutoring in most K-12 subjects

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