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Most kids are going to have a little bit of adjusting to do when this next school year begins. The chaos of the pandemic left many children unsure of topics covered during distanced learning. While it was a great theory for many, it also left some children frustrated and many parents feeling the brunt of that frustration at home. In order to get kids ready for this coming school year, parents need to take steps now to address current learning gaps as well as prepare kids for what is to come. That way, the new topics do not come as a surprise.

How to Identify Learning Gaps

The easiest way to identify a learning gap at home is to cover topics that led to increased frustration with your child last year. If they were acting out because they were struggling, the topic is likely going to stand out in your mind, as well as theirs. However, this can be a hit or miss type of prospect. A much better solution is to look into tutoring that identifies the gaps for your child. What this means is that your child is tested to see where gaps remain, and then those gaps are tended to by the tutor.

From there, your tutor should also give your child an idea of what topics are coming next. That way, they can connect what they are now understanding from last year to the lessons of this year. This can help them when it comes to retaining the information as well as avoid being nervous about this upcoming year.

Trust One of the Top Names in Tutoring to Help Your Child

When you turn to the experienced professional tutors of Lafayette Academy, you and your child can depend on their tactics and lessons. They have many years of education behind them as well as ongoing training from us to ensure they have all the tools necessary to help your child feel secure in the knowledge from last year and what is ahead. To find out more before summer break ends, give us a call.