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Many students dread the exam and think it will be too difficult. However, if you follow these tips and practice consistently, your score will improve. Read below to find out more about how to improve your SAT score.

Organize Yourself

Gather all of your materials, such as a calculator and water bottle. Before starting the test, make sure everything is in order. Try practicing under timed conditions (i.e., whenever you take an international quiz or other standardized test). This should simulate what testing will be like on the actual day of the SAT exam, so by getting used to this earlier, it’ll help minimize anxiety on test day.

Pace Yourself

Time management is a key concept to grasp as you begin studying for the SAT. You want to be able to spend enough time on each topic so that you have ample time at the end of each section for review. Then, when you come across an answer that stumps you, move onto another response and return later if necessary. However, don’t let a difficult question stress you out! If there’s too much going on in your head, put down your pencil and take a moment to collect yourself before resuming work.

Read Carefully

Make sure you understand the question in its entirety before starting your response. The issue with doing this is that some students end up taking too much time because they’re trying to fill space in their essay, whereas others rush through the response and miss key concepts. If you don’t fully comprehend what’s expected of you, then it’s probably best to skip over it and return later when you’ve had more time to think about it.

Don’t Panic

Even if you feel like there’s not enough time left at the end of a section to review answers, do not change your answers! It will cost you valuable points when your scores are tallied, so take your time and think carefully.

Eliminate Choices That Are Clearly Wrong

Even if you don’t know the answer to a question, you can usually eliminate several of the possible responses by looking for errors in reasoning, word choice, and other common mistakes. This will give you more possibilities to choose from when making your final selection.

Let Lafayette Academy Help You Get Ready

On top of all these tips to help you nail the SAT, you also have the option of a trained and experienced tutor from Lafayette Academy. Call us and let us show you how our tutors are different and can help you succeed.